Corporate Social Responsibility

NBB is committed to the fact that business needs to be developed in a socially responsible manner by encompassing every individual of the community. Our aim to see a more prosperous Bahrain is not restricted to providing banking service alone but to create an environment where every member of the community has an opportunity to build a future which is safe, secure, happy and flourishing.

Belief in Community Development: Since NBB opened its doors in January 1957 we have remained at the heart of the community and taken the community to heart. Several decades on, our commitment to supporting our country’s social welfare and contributing to the betterment of people’s lives continues undiminished. It is both our duty and our privilege to be serving the community beyond banking.

Belief in Sustainability: NBB has consistently strived to develop a culture which underlines the fact that our success is wholly dependent on the customers and the community in which it operates. Over the years, society has demanded that businesses work in a more sustainable manner. At NBB, this has been ingrained into the psyche of our employees.

  • Our Commitments:
    1. Inclusion of the Community
    2. Aid to the less privileged sections
  • Our Engagements:
    1. Volunteer work
    2. Financial assistance


Belief in Social Investment: NBB’s Donations and Contributions Program was formally established in 1980 in line with our belief that the community should also benefit from our success. The primary aim has been to ensure that the less privileged among us are brought to the forefront and have the opportunity to enjoy a more stable future. We commit 5% of our net annual profit for allocation among various programs and foundations/projects that contribute to social welfare.

  • Our Commitments:
    1. Social welfare
    2. Health care
    3. Education
    4. Research studies
  • Our Engagements:
    1. On-the-job summer training is provided by NBB to Bahraini students from the University of Bahrain.
    2. BD1.5 million was contributed in 2016 by our Donations and Contributions Program to social welfare activities.
    3. BD 42.48 million contributed to social welfare by NBB through the agency of our Donations and Contributions Program since its inception.
    4. Click here for a full list of engagements and achievements undertaken through our Donations and Contributions Program.


Belief in Knowledge Sharing: We take great pride in our employees who make significant contributions as volunteers sharing their skills, knowledge and experience with all sections of the community.

  • Our commitment is to explore opportunities whereby the under-privileged are given access to a more secure future.
  • Our Engagements:
    1. Forums
    2. Discussions
    3. Seminars