Excellence in customer service is one of the essential tools to sustain business growth and attract new business. At NBB, customer satisfaction is a prime concern. The Bank does not only believe that providing prompt and efficient service is essential but also recognizes the right of its customers to complain and indeed welcomes their complaints as a valuable form of feedback to improve its services and products.

The Bank's complaints process is free and accessible for all customers, investors, depositors, and shareholders.

Complaints can be made anonymously, but the Bank's action to rectify the underlying issue of the complaint and improve the complainant's condition would only be limited to the disclosed information.

To report complaints on any of NBB's products & services, please send your complaint by email to the Customer Complaint Officer [email protected].

To view the Complaints Form, click here.

To view the Complaint Handling Procedure, click here.

All the complaints received will be acknowledged by writing to you along with a reference number within five working days of receiving the complaint. The response to the subject of your complaint will be sent to you in writing, explaining the position and Bank's decision within 'Four weeks' of receiving the complaint.

The Bank aims to resolve complaints quickly at the frontline or the point where the complaint is received.  If your complaint is not resolved within four weeks or you are not satisfied with the Bank's final decision, you have the right to refer the case to the Central Bank of UAE within 30 calendar days from the date of receiving the Bank's letter.