Import Letter of Credit

An Import Letter of Credit is an irrevocable undertaking provided by the Bank on behalf of the Buyer to make payment to the Seller against presentation of shipping documents conforming with LC terms and conditions


  • Protects the Buyer as no payment obligation arises until the required documents proving that the goods have been shipped are presented to the Bank


Import Documentary Collections & Avalized Drafts

The Seller Bank entrusts the collection of payment to the Buyer Bank for shipments effected with instructions for onward presentation of documents to the Buyer viz. whether under payment or acceptance basis


  • Under acceptance basis, the Buyer has the benefit to refuse payment on the due date
  • Avalization assures the Seller of getting paid at maturity wherein the Bank takes on the risk of the Buyer by avalizing the drafts and guaranteeing the payment on due date


Loans against Import / Trust Receipts

Provides the Buyer with financing to pay the Seller for the value of goods imported


  • Extends credit period for the Buyer
  • Resolves cash flow issues


Shipping Guarantees

A written guarantee issued by the Bank in favor of the Buyer to be presented to the Shipping Company or its Agents for release of goods


  • Allows the Buyer to take delivery of goods prior to arrival of shipping documents
  • Payment of portal demurrage charges avoided by the Buyer